About me

About me: My real name is Silvio, which means “man from the forest”, thus Wendigo seems a good nickname :). I started with photography in 1975, when I was a teenager. I begun with a Pentax Mx (small and nice camera indeed). Few years later I switched to Nikon ( evolutionary trend: FE2*+FM2, F801, F4), then went digital with D70, and followed the evolutionary trend of semi-pro nikon bodies, both Dx and Fx) and since then I used lots of Nikon (Ai-Ais and Af) and third brand lenses. I like outdoor and nature photography and do a lot of macro for fun (small amphibians, reptiles and big insects) other than for work ( I am a palaeontologist and for my research I have to take photos of details of fossils).

My Portfolios: most photos are taken with the Nikon D200/D300, but a few still belong to the film era and have been scanned with a cheap flatbed scanner with adapter for slides; for these latter, please, don’t be too picky about sharpness etc., just see if you like the composition and if, to your eyes, the photos mean something or sounds just dull.

Some tests: The web is full of sites with tests and reviews of lenses and some sites are excellent, run by people who can do the job much better than me. Thus I feel it is NOT the case to make a fool of myself trying to mimic them. Rather, I prefer to show here something (perhaps) less known that I found interesting to share.

I hope you will enjoy my efforts and… thanks for viewing!

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